Short course of introduction to facilitated finance​​​​​​​

Labeconomics, a company with over 20 years of experience in the subsidized finance sector, organizes a short introductory course to facilitated finance.

Why participate in the course?

Subsidized Finance and Europlanning are becoming more and more a useful and valuable tool in the life of companies.

They benefit the development and growth of companies, favor the realization of new projects and support their financial needs.

They are also a programming tool economic for the public bodies of the territory.

The course lasts 8 hours divided into 4 meetings of 2 hours each.
Contents of the course
The basic rules and regulations of subsidized finance
The main entities that provide subsidies to businesses
Examples of analysis of operational calls today
IT tools for design
Examples and exercise of writing a project and composing a budget
Who is it for?
The course is aimed at people who wish, for various reasons, to acquire a solid base of skills to operate in the subsidized finance sector: to start a new career, for further professional development in a career already started, to integrate new complementary skills to those already owned.

Furthermore, the course recipients are employees of companies who wish to internalize some work phases to participate in tenders: eg. search for tenders, critical selection of the most suitable tenders for one's own company, reporting.
  • Good communication skills, both speaking and writing
  • Good command of Office applications (Word, Excel in primis)
  • Ability to investigate business, curiosity and ability to carry out research and thematic insights on specific topics
  • Problem solving, analysis and deadline management skills


The lectures are held by internal resources of Labeconomics who concretely follow numerous companies every day in participating in tenders.
Price and operational notes

The course takes place with face-to-face lessons at the Labeconomics Training Center located in Brescia, via Montello, 12 / B. Alternatively, based on Covid19 provisions and related obligations, some lessons could be held via videocall Teams. Participants, for face-to-face lessons, must be in possession of a reinforced Green Pass.

250,00 € VAT included

The course is organized annually.

For information and registration for the year 2022:
030 416736